What You Can Do As A Parent To Raise Compassionate Kids For Tomorrow’s World


Sometimes, the world is a scary and unkind place. Sometimes, our families are torn apart by circumstances we can’t control, leaving us in a weird place for teaching our children in a positive light. Many parents wonder what they can do to raise compassionate children, especially when life seems bleak.

It’s not easy to think of the time when we will no longer be around. The lessons we teach our children now should serve them well as adults. If you want your children to grow into kind and caring people as they move toward and into adulthood, here are the things you must do.

Set a good example

By far, the biggest thing you can do to teach your children well is to lead with your own shining example. Exhibit kindness to other people. Stick to your values and morals. Embrace differences between people. Don’t just talk the talk…walk it in every single thing you do.

Show them the meaning of generosity

Generosity goes beyond sharing, something which is also a good way to build compassion. You should teach your children gratitude and show them how to help spread their privilege to others. A great way to do this is through volunteering. Work together to raise money for a good cause, help out in the community, or even donate items where they will do the most good.

Respond with love

We all make mistakes, yet when our kids do, it’s easy to forget we’re not perfect either. Show forgiveness and love in your response to your child’s needs and they will learn that they are loved even if they messed up. Warmth and forgiveness help children learn from the mistakes they make and when others make mistakes, they respond with the same compassionate heart.

Encourage their help

When your child wants to help with something, you should encourage it. Children by nature want to help us. Even if they’re young, tell them you could really use some help and ask them for it. You’ll be surprised how quickly they’ll agree. Give them simple chores when they’re small like picking up toys or even sweeping the floors. And let go of it being perfect. The object here is to get them involved in helping so that it’s routine.
When they get bigger, they’ll do it instinctively because they’ll see you need help.

Be positive

The glass is half full or half empty. Ever notice how much better life is when you think about things positively, even if things aren’t going the way you wish? It’s all about that shift in perspective. We can’t control everything around us, but we can control our reactions. Teach your children to see the positive even in a sea of negativity. It is a beautiful gift that will help them have better self-worth and the strength to give of themselves in a kind and caring way when the world needs them someday.